Oh hey there. I’m Caroline. Nice to meet you!

So, when you tell folks that you are a registered licensed dietitian, they start asking a million questions. “What do you think about Paleo? Is dairy really good for you? I haven’t pooped in 7 days….is that bad?” This has lead me to lie about my profession on most Southwest flights 😉

This blog was born to help cut down on questions I was receiving on Facebook Messenger. It was getting ridiculous albeit awesome folks trusted my professional opinion, but still, crazy. And, most questions were very similar.

Nutrition is a science and can be very confusing. Remember, nutrition is not an opinion. It is not a product or bullshit facts that your friend on social media with zero science education tells you.

Instead of getting frustrated, I thought I could have a place to house all of my answers! A place you can go to get facts, not opinions. I hope this site will dispel any nutrition myths and be a great reference for my friends and colleagues.

So, here we go! I work full time for a fabulous health care system in Dallas. So, full disclosure, this little diddy is just a side project.

Thanks for stopping by!


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