For my non dietitian friends, you might be asking yourself, “What the f are pulses?!”  So glad you asked dear friends!  Pulses are beans, lentils and peas….and they are AWESOME.  Banished by the fools that follow paleo (if you know me at all, you know I am not a fan of paleo nor the pseudoscience it promotes), these nutrition power houses have numerous health benefits.  Pulses are a huge part of the MIND diet and Mediterranean diet, both which have been shown to prevent cognitive decline.

Why you should be getting your PULSE on:

Fiber, folate, manganese, protein, iron, potassium, magnesium and copper are all found in pulses.  Oh and if thats not enough, these guys are also packed with phytochemicals like flavonoids.  Research shows that daily consumption can yield improved glycemic control (better blood sugar ranges), improvement in blood lipids (LDL, I’m looking at you), blood pressure and weight.  So with a lower body weight, better blood pressure and improved lipid panel, consuming pulses might prevent you from having a heart attack.  Even better news, you don’t have to eat a ton of pulses to reap the benefits!  You can cash in on the health benefits of pulses by simply consuming just 1/2 cup a day.

How you incorporate pulses into your world:

There are tons of way to cook these guys.  Overnight soaking, quick soaking, pressure cooking or just screw it and buy canned!  Look for the canned products that are just the pulse and water.  I like to add chickpeas to salads or add beans to soups and stews.  I also love adding black beans to my Tex Mex dishes.  How about peas with dinner?  Hummus anyone?  How about black bean dip?  See how easy this is?!

Concerned about incorporating this musical fruit?  One way to prevent gas (and gastric distress) is to increase your consumption of pulses slowly while also increasing your water intake.  Ease on down the pulse road!

Check your pulse on pulses!