It’s that time of year!!  Ah, November.  The time of year when it’s above 70 degrees and there are Christmas advertisements EVERYWHERE.  Can we just give Thanksgiving a chance?!  Sigh.  Look, it’s about to be GO time.  Thanksgiving.  Christmas.  Holidays.  New Years.  I mean, your calendar is booked!  There is absolutely not time to be getting the sniffles.

Besides the obvious of hand washing and getting your flu shot, what else can one do?  Pony up on your nutrition.  That’s what.

Here is the latest on what foods can keep you healthy this season:

  • Salmon.  Yes, I know.  This fish can do no wrong!  The omega 3s in salmon help our white blood cells fight foreign bacteria.  Any omega 3 will do here: tuna, herring, trout, or halibut even.  On a budget?  Grab a can of tuna for old school tuna salad sandwich or a pouch of salmon for salmon cakes.
  • Vitamin A.  Sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, spinach, and fortified foods like cereal and milk are all good sources of this super vitamin.  A helps regulate your immune systems and can help in preventing infections.
  • Vitamin C.  Shocker!  C normally steals the spotlight here but in it’s defense, it’s earned.  Vitamin C is seriously about fighting off foreign invaders.  Citrus is king but don’t forget other C players like bell peppers, strawberries or kiwis.
  • Probiotics.  Grab your yogurt and kefir!  Your GI tract is your body’s first line of defense.  Beef it up but increasing the good for you bacteria.  Yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi are all great sources of natural probiotics.  If none of these tickle you fancy, talk to your doc about a supplement.
  • Zinc.  Zinc not only helps your immune system function properly but it also aids with wound healing.  Zinc is found in eggs, beef, poultry, seafood (oysters), milk and beans.

Ideally, you want to start consuming these foods now, so that your immune system is on it’s A game.  Don’t skip that exercise either.  Being active boosts your immune system too!

Cheers to a happy and HEALTHY holiday season.