Turkey Countdown

T minus 6 weeks till Turkey

Don’t bust out those stretchy pants and go into hibernation yet! Did you know that now, for most of us, is the lowest weight we will be all year?!  Sigh.  According to research out of Cornell, just before the end of October is our lowest weight. But don’t get too excited. Hello Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas…by the time New Year’s rolls around, we are peaking weight wise. According to research, what we gain over the next 10 weeks takes about 5 MONTHS to lose.  I know.  Double womp.

Now is the time to set those healthy habits to help get you through the holiday season!

  • 5 to 9 a day
    • You have no excuse not to be eating your fruits and veggies right now.   Fruits and veggies are naturally low in calories and high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients!
    • This is so doable. 6 fruit and veggies servings:
      • Grab a piece of fruit in the morning before you head out the door in the morning and you are already two servings in! (With fruit so large these days, 1 whole banana, 1 apple, 1 orange all = 2 servings)
      • Add lettuce/spinach and tomato to your sandwich and BOOM! There is another serving!
      • Slice up bell peppers and cucumbers for a nice side with your sandwich. (1 cup raw veggies = 1 serving) Need some encouragement? Look for low calorie dressings to dip or even try hummus!
      • Have a small salad before your evening meal
      • ½ cup cooked veggies with your dinner and you are there!
  • Grill, bake or broil
    • No need to indulge on fried bites! Cook those lean proteins on the grill or in the oven to save on fat and calories.
    • Lean proteins help keep you fuller longer; satiety is such a beautiful thing during the holidays!
    • Lean protein also helps stabilize your blood sugar. Pair lean protein with complex carbohydrates (like fresh fruit or whole grains) at each meal and snack.
    • Don’t forget about nuts!  1/4 cup is a great non animal source option.
  • Keep your gut happy with probiotics
    • Bacteria in your intestines help digest your food, fight harmful bacteria and support your immune system. Probiotics help keep these good for your bacteria happy!
    • You don’t need a fancy supplement to keep your gut hormones in good spirits. All yogurt sold in the US of A has live, active cultures in it. Besides yogurt you can try kefir, fermented veggies like kimchi or sauerkraut, miso, tempeh, kombucha and don’t forget to fill up on whole grains! Whole grains are high in fiber, which is the best way to positively impact those good for your gut bacteria!
  • Lay off the booze
    • I know, “Debbie Downer”, but booze is full of empty calories! Empty calories are calories that offer NO nutrition value.
      • Light beer: 90-110 calories
      • Wine (5 ounces): 125 calories
      • Champagne (4.2 ounces): 80 calories
      • Liquor (1.5 ounces): 95 calories
  • Pass on those high calorie traps
    • For the next few weeks, lay off high calorie foods like burgers, fries, pizza and sweets. You have a lot of awesome food about to be on your plate! Stick with those healthy choices and your body (and your GI tract) will thank you!

Enter this year’s holiday season happy and healthy!  Cheers!