Yes.  You can make healthy food choices at fast food restaurants.  I promise.  Now, as far as will power goes, that is another story!  Well everyone else is meal prepping to eat the same baked chicken and veggies all week long, I thought I share with you another solution for when you are short on time.

I want to give a shout out to Taco Bell.  Did you know the Bell employs not one but two dietitians?  Don’t get me wrong, T Bell is NEVER going to be a health restaurant.  But, those two dietitians are working their tails off to have healthy and delicious options on the menu.

Few bell facts:

  • by 2025, reduce sodium content in foods by an additional 10% (25% reduction since ’08)
  • they do not offer XL cups
  • vegetarian and vegan friendly options
  • have multiple options under 500 calories
  • have 7 signature items under 350 calories & 10 grams fat.


You might ask, “wow, you love the bell.  How much are they paying you to write this?”  Nothing dear friend.  No sponsorship here.  Just education on how to order healthy when taco cravings strike!

Here are a few of my go tos:

  • Fresco crunch beef taco
  • Fresco soft beef taco
  • Fresco soft taco shredded chicken
  • Fresco soft steak taco
  • Fresco bean burrito (This is super high in sodium so watch you intake if you choose this guy)
  • Veggie Power bowl (this guy is under 500 calories and has 9 grams of fiber!)

Is fast food ideal?  No.  But it’s the world we live in!  Don’t feel guilty going through that drive through.  Just choose wisely!

Keeping it real,