So after my juice post, I got a message from a friend about detox teas.  (I also received messages about my language.  I promise to work on that.)  “Caroline, do detox teas work?” I didn’t know whether this was a joke or not.  I feel it’s noteworthy to say that this friend is super educated (lots of letters behind her name). It was not a joke.  This fool spent almost $100 on various detox teas that were undoubtedly promoted by idiot celebs (I’m look at you Kardashian clan) or fitness models who faces and hot bods are just on the ad.  (Sorry….having a flashback moment from when she asked about waist trainers.)

Are you sitting down? Ok, good. Detox teas, like juice cleanses, are bs.

Detox teas will not:

  • make you lose weight
  • increase your metabolism
  • decrease food cravings
  • cleanse your body

Detox teas will:

  • make you go to the bathroom more (lovely)
  • increase in cramps, gas, and nausea
  • empty your wallet
  • question your integrity for following diet advice from someone who became famous from a sex tape and her derrière

There is ZERO evidence to back up any claims with these teas.  And as mentioned before, your kidneys and liver already remove toxins from your body.  So, you are actually kind of set in that department.

What is in that tea?  An herbal laxative.  Have fun with that.

Want to “detox” and “clean up” your diet?  Try eating fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and lean protein.  Put down the wine bottle and pick up water.  You are smarter than this you guys!  If you like tea, try black, green, oolong, something with proven health benefits.  The only way to lose weight is watch what foods you are consuming and be active.  Plain and simple.