Meet Caroline

Caroline Susie RD

Born and raised in Dallas, I proudly embrace every stereotype. Everything is bigger in Texas! Hair, handbags, makeup. Check, check and check!

By day, I am a registered dietitian nutritionist and practice in corporate wellness. I am passionate about health literacy and science. One of my goals is to dispel nutrition and diet myths/fear mongering and stand for science! Spoiler alert: I despise cleanses and juicing, while totally embracing gluten (and a healthy amount of queso). I love research and promise to do my best to tell you why you should give a shit about your food!

By night, you will find me bellying up to the newest restaurant bar plotting my next adventure…glass of Napa Cabernet in hand! I believe in living an active lifestyle. Whether that means hitting the streets for a long run, playing a sport (I’m partial to tennis), or exploring a new part of the world (22 countries and counting!), I am most comfortable when things are in motion. You are more likely to find me riding an elephant in Thailand than reading about it on a beach somewhere.

That doesn’t mean I can’t stop to appreciate the small things. Family is so important, and I am lucky to have the best sister in the world. She is brave, insanely smart, responsible, and my total opposite. Plus, she doesn’t make me feel silly about being on a first name basis with David from the Neiman’s Designer Shoes department! What? It’s the small things, remember?

Cue up some Radiohead and follow along with me and my two very special Jack Russell Terriers, Georgie and Margaux, as we take on the world (or, you know, try our very best).

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